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Friday, 22 February 2008


Chris Gammell

Hi Sunny,

I found your EETimes article when reading about FPAAs and thought "Whoa!" (I had never heard of them previously). I have been grappling with my engineering identity recently...I am an analog engineer, but not a chip designer. I write about analog issues and products though on my blog. Really I do more analog systems but still with some discretes, so I know how a transistor works :-).

I was very excited when I first started working with FPGAs, seeing many different applications (especially reconfigurable architectures), but FPAAs just add a whole new dimension. I envision a FPGA/FPAA combo basically attached to the smallest battery possible. The fingernail-sized iPod if you will. Anyway, I'm babbling now. Great post and thank you for bringing the ideas of FPAAs to the forefront for teaching applications!


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