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May 03, 2007



Thanks for the review - this book has been sitting on my desk for a while, just waiting for me to get a kick to start reading it!

I am familiar with Hawkins' theory only in the most general terms - and from the little I know, it seems to share many common elements with the Network Memory theory put forward by Joaquin Fuster (I am of course not suggesting anything more than similarity). This also postulates the hierarchical nature (indeed, Fuster notes that the idea of the brain being organised in hierarchies originates with Lashley and Hayek, among others, in the 70's, so its hardly new), and is backed up by multiple decades of empirical research. I just wondered whether you were familiar with it, and if so, how it compared with Hawkins' theory? If not, theres a ref to a short paper below. It influences my work (cognitive robotics), but then I'm just a student!

Thanks for your posts though, they're all very interesting.

J. M. Fuster, "Network Memory," Trends in Neuroscience, vol. 20, pp. 451-459, 1997.


I am familiar with Hawkins's theory only in the most general terms - and what little I know, seems to share many similarities to the memory network theory by Joaquin Fuster.

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